Every night the stars are lit by the smallest of angels, stargleamers, bringing hope and wonder to the world.  When Isabel, a stargleamer, discovers her gleamer is missing, she is panic-stricken.  How can she fill the skies with hope and wonder with no gleamer?  What will the Matron say?  What will the other stargleamers think?  Isabel learns that her gleamer has gone to earth, and she secretly sets out on a difficult mission to find it.  She simply cannot live without it.
On her journey to earth, Isabel meets the North Wind, a crusty but kind old soul, Fibber, a sly little rock goblin who eventually deceives her, Mother Holle, the frightening soul stealer, who she must ultimately confront, and Israphel, an angel filled with the power and glory of the Old Ones, those angels who have lived longer and are stronger than any others. It is the Old Ones who teach and guide Isabel in her quest to find her gleamer.  She does not realize that she is being taught all along on this difficult adventure on earth. 
Isabel ultimately finds Father Christmas, who is one of the Old Ones. He teaches Isabel about the love and joy on earth, but also the pain and sorrow those on earth can feel, and inflict on each other.  He finally takes her to her gleamer, but when she sees the hope and wonder it’s light has brought a suffering family, she understands it is where it is meant to be.  Through her experiences, the evil she must confront, and the lessons Father Christmas teaches her, Isabel is a changed little angel.  She still knows about hope and wonder, but she has also learned about struggle, pain, charity, and sacrifice. She decides to stay on the earth and become a helper to Father Christmas. And centuries later, Isabel is the new Matron for a new family of stargleamers.
The Witcher Chronicles
On the day Maddie Murphy was born, her mother left. Now, 14 years later, she is on the run for her life. Sent by her father into the woods in search of her Grandmother, she is chased by Hessian redcoats, guided by a mysterious wolf, and soon learns her grandmother “Mam” is a “watcher” and a shape shifter.
Elias Fanger, the feared “witcher,” is bent on purging the American frontier of all magic and those involved with it. Maddie’s father, William, is dragged into a hastily rigged court and found guilty of co-habiting with a selkie, Maddie’s mother. With Seth, a boy who sees and talks to the dead, William is sent back to England to face trial.
Maddie learns about the world of magic that has always surrounded her. She must convince the Tuatha De Danann, the “watchers,” to help save her father.
Eventually she must confront her own nature and who she truly is. Is she human like her father or immortal like her grandmother, or possibly a selkie like the mother she has never known? Or is she just a young girl attempting the impossible? And, ultimately, will she have the courage to face the greatest evil she has ever known?
“The Witcher Chronicles” is unique in nature, but is similar to Joseph Delaney’s The Last Apprentice. This novel is the first in a series that I’m working on (I’m well into the second.) I am a retired theatre professor from BYU-Idaho, and a published and produced playwright.  I have a number of picture book manuscripts as well as a middle grade Christmas fantasy novel.